My story of burnout is your path to success.

Get your copy of my 3 Secrets to Ignite You and Live Limitlessly Now


Ignite You and Live Limitlessly Now

Get a copy of my 3 Secrets to Ignite You and Live Limitlessly Now

★ Rituals – Establish a morning and evening ritual

★ Eat Mindfully – Focus on how and what you eat

★ Set Boundaries – Be clear on what is OK

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    The reason you’ve never considered hiring a High Performance Coach is that you’ve never met Craig!

    At Evolve Health and Lifestyle, we specialize in guiding high-performing executives and business leaders to take control of their destinies and live life on their own terms. We understand the unique challenges faced by individuals striving for exceptional success without compromising their personal lives and key relationships.

    Our mission is to build an inclusive community where high-performing executives and business leaders embrace their uniqueness and soar in all aspects of their life, while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling existence. We provide the tools, strategies, and support you need to thrive in both your professional and personal world.

    Become the best version of yourself and take ownership of your life and key relationships just as you dominate the boardroom.

    The Results You Can Expect



    Experience a significant boost in energy by consistently making better nutrition choices, improving your sleep patterns, and enhancing your physical movement.



    Gain more control over your schedule, enabling you to prioritize yourself and focus on the key relationships that truly matter.



    Learn how to set rules of engagement and establish boundaries that allow you to prioritize your own well-being without guilt.



    Achieve a sense of harmony and balance in all aspects of your life, including your career and key relationships, without compromising either.



    Develop a deep appreciation for who you are and cultivate self-confidence that radiates from within.

    Living life every day as the best version of yourself, you will feel clear, intentional, free, energetic, connected, balanced, and confident.

    With Evolve Health and Lifestyle, you will join an inclusive community of high-performing business leaders who are committed to embracing their uniqueness and soaring in all aspects of life. Our science-based approach and transformational program will guide you toward developing sustainable habits that will enable you to live your best life now. It’s time to unlock your limitless potential and thrive in your career and personal life.

    Incorporating a lifestyle with morning and evening rituals.

    ”I had a hard time sleeping, focusing, and staying productive. I am a single parent, and I was struggling with feeling lonely. I felt Craig was the best solution for me as he had already dealt with these types of issues in his past that can affect an entrepreneur. My life has changed as a result of working with Craig. I have learned skill sets that eliminate my dependency on other people and bad habits. With Craig’s help, we created morning and evening rituals resulting in a lifestyle change that positively impacted my mental and physical life.” Troy H.

    Choosing retirement to concentrate on my passion.

    "Prior to engaging with Craig, my energy levels were low, and I lacked motivation. I had no consistent approach to weight management or physical training. I sensed that without intervention, my enthusiasm for work would dwindle, potentially leading to depression. However, through self-exploration guided by Craig, I managed to clarify my purpose and concentrate on my passions. This ultimately propelled me towards retirement, and I recently received an offer to become an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I am now in a significantly improved state compared to before I embarked on this journey with him.” Ken A.

    Knowing that there is something better is where you start…

    Are you ready to elevate your success, reclaim your life, and rewrite your next chapter for living your best life now?

    I’ve walked that complex path too.

    I’m Craig Bruce, and I’ve navigated the demanding world of successful executives, because I’ve lived it. As a former global executive who battled burnout, sleepless nights, and the struggle for balance, I understand the cost of chasing success at the expense of both well-being and treasured relationships. I was so focused on my climb up the ladder that I didn’t realize I was not only sacrificing my health, but also inadvertently taking a toll on the connections that mattered most. Until I was forced into bedrest and depleted, and it became clear—I needed a profound transformation.

    My journey wasn’t just about personal healing; it was about unlocking a life of boundless energy, health, meaningful connections, and purpose. Over five years, I immersed myself in the realm of science-based behaviors and personal development. The outcome? A reimagined life of harmony, well-being, enriched relationships, and limitless potential.

    Now, I’m here to guide you on the same transformative path—for Living Your Best Life Now. Together, we’ll rewrite your next chapter—transitioning from burnout to breakthrough, from imbalance to vitality, and from strained relationships to renewed connections. You deserve a life where career achievements walk hand in hand with holistic well-being and flourishing relationships.

    Are you ready to redefine your version of success and start living your best life now? Let’s connect and embark on your journey towards a life that flourishes on every level.

    Welcome to the path of Elevating Success, Reclaiming Life, and Rediscovering Your True Self. I’m here to partner with you every step of the way.

    Experience a transformative shift in mindset as you embrace a holistic approach to nourishing habits, restorative practices, and total body movement, revitalizing both your body and mind.

    To book one of my services and begin defining your next chapter, simply click on the service that piques your interest.

    Whether you’re ready to embark on a step-by-step journey rooted in habit-based strategies or eager to cultivate a vibrant vision for amplifying your energy and living the life you desire – I’m here to offer unwavering support and transform your aspirations into concrete, life-altering realities.


    How to You First While Thriving Professionally

    Join our exclusive mastermind group focused on helping high-performing business leaders put themselves first while thriving professionally.

    In this immersive and interactive virtual experience, you'll connect with like-minded individuals and gain valuable insights, strategies, and support to achieve greater harmony and balance in all aspects of your life.

    Through expert guidance and group discussions, you'll discover how to set boundaries, prioritize self-care, and create a fulfilling life without compromising your career or key relationships.

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    Corporate Consulting

    Thriving at the Top

    Break the cycle and provide your high-performing leaders with the tools to thrive without compromising their productivity, success, and well-being. The Leading Well transformative leadership experience empowers leaders to elevate their effectiveness, cultivate resilience, make better decisions, optimize well-being, and find greater meaning and purpose.

    Through action-packed exercises and practical strategies, this workshop equips leaders with the skills to navigate challenges, prioritize their health, and achieve extraordinary success. By investing in this workshop, your company will experience improved leadership performance, increased employee engagement and retention, enhanced decision-making, and a culture of well-being that drives long-term success.

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    Success Stories


    Founder of The Troy Agency

    “Craig’s processes make sense and allowed me to impacted my life in a very positive way. Creating daily rituals were a key factor to my continued success.” 

    Senior Partner and Strategic Account Executive

    “Craig genuinely cares. The breath of what he provides  – from the next chapter, health, and well-being to talking about fitness – in a clear well-connected manner.” 

    Global Management Consulting Sr Partner

    “Craig helped me crystalize my purpose, my focus, and what is important to me in life… which allowed me to land in a much better place.”

    Global Executive Search Sr Partner

    “Craig is an extraordinary listener with great perspectives. He incorporated the right amount of accountability with a focus on mindset and the needed health component…”

    Executive Leadership Coach, Author & Speaker

    “Craig made creating new habits, which can be difficult and overwhelming, very simple and methodical. He created a custom program that would fit my lifestyle. I trust his character and the directives he provides.” 

    Command your day with precision, affording you the focus. you deserve for self-care and nurturing key relationships.