How to Put You First While Thriving Professionally

Ignite You Coaching Program

Thriving at the Top

1-ON-1 coaching takes a personalized approach, tailoring strategies and techniques to meet your specific needs and circumstances.

With the “Ignite You Coaching Program” (1-on-1 coaching program) I will help you will transform your life, prioritize your well-being, and achieve success without sacrificing key relationships

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Are you prepared to reclaim your vitality, regain control of your life, and seize your key relationships with the same tenacity you bring to the boardroom?

Welcome to the 12-Week Ignite You and Live Your Best Life Now 1:1 Coaching Adventure, an exclusive offering meticulously crafted for high-achieving executives, just like you.


This transformative coaching program is your pathway to becoming the very best version of yourself, reigniting an infinite reserve of energy while cultivating profound harmony and fulfillment. Through personalized coaching, you’ll unearth the mindset, nourishment, restorative practices, and movement habits that will unlock your boundless energy potential.


With a meticulously crafted, step-by-step plan, you’ll prioritize your well-being and unlock the life you’ve always desired. You’ll witness tangible results as your nutrition choices improve, your sleep quality elevates, and your command over your day strengthens. Gain the freedom to prioritize yourself while establishing harmonious equilibrium and cultivating a deep sense of self-appreciation.


And here are the remarkable outcomes that await you:

  • Experience boundless energy as you consistently make better nutrition choices, enjoy enhanced sleep, and move with purpose.
  • Command your day with precision, affording you the focus you deserve for self-care and nurturing key relationships.
  • Embrace the freedom to place yourself at the forefront by setting empowering rules of engagement (boundaries).
  • Attain greater harmony in every facet of your life without compromising your career or key relationships.
  • Cultivate a profound sense of self-love, so you genuinely adore the reflection in the mirror.

Embark on this life-transforming journey today by scheduling an Ignite You Consultation Call. It’s time to undergo a profound transformation and to embody the very best version of yourself, empowering you to OWN YOUR LIFE & KEY RELATIONSHIPS with the same vigor you bring to the boardroom.

Success Stories


Founder of The Troy Agency

“Craig’s processes make sense and allowed me to impact my life in a very positive way. Creating daily rituals was a key factor to my continued success.”


Senior Partner and Strategic Account Executive

“Craig genuinely cares. The breath of what he provides – from the next chapter, health, and well-being to talking about fitness – in a clear well-connected manner.”


Global Management Consulting Sr Partner

“Craig helped me crystalize my purpose, my focus, and what is important to me in life.. which allowed me to land in a much better place.”


Global Executive Search Sr Partner

“Craig is an extraordinary listener with great perspectives. He incorporated the right amount of accountability with a focus on mindset and the needed health component…”


Executive Leadership Coach, Author & Speaker

“Craig made creating new habits, which can be difficult and overwhelming, very simple and methodical. He created a custom program that would fit my lifestyle. I trust his character and the directives he provides.”